Top 3 Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

Electric Bikes New Zealand

Wondering if an electric bike is right for you? Electric bikes have steadily increased in popularity in recent years — with more and more people tuning their love of clever gadgetry and tech into their desire for more convenient, cost effective and earth-friendly transport.

Here are the top 3 reasons you (yes, YOU!) should consider making an electric bike your next ride…

They’re Great for Commuters

Sick of being stuck in the car for hours each week during peak traffic? Looking for a faster – and more economical – way to get to work? Want to avoid paying a fortune for parking in the city?

Dare to ride different and take an eBike to work! Electric bikes are great for commuters because they’re energy efficient, compact, cost-effective, and a lot less strenuous than traditional cycling. This means you can ride your eBike to the office or worksite for less than the cost of a cup of coffee at the local café each week – plus you’ll be able to store you bike easily when you get to work and avoid paying for parking. Because you can ride your electric bike in pedal assist or full battery powered mode, it also means you’ll arrive at work fresh as a daisy.

They’re Eco Friendly

There are more cars on our roads than ever before – and all those carbon emissions are wreaking havoc with our planet! If you’re doing your part to go green, you needn’t stop at composting your own kitchen scraps and putting out the recycling once a fortnight!

Sure, nothing beats pure pedal power when it comes to environmentally friendly energy – but an eBike is a very close second! Electric bikes combine pedal power and a rechargeable, energy efficient battery. This means they’re much more eco-friendly than a gas-guzzling car… and they’re a whole lot more convenient than a traditional cycle for people who need to travel longer distances.

They’re Great for Staying Active

Believe it or not, electric cycles are actually a great means of helping you stay active or get fit! Because they’re designed to combine pedal power with electric riding mode, they’re perfect for cyclists who are looking for a little help building up their fitness and endurance while enjoying the open air.

With an eBike, you can use your own pedal power to increase your heart rate as your ride, and then take a break with your bike’s electric mode while continuing to enjoy your journey. It’s interval training at its finest! And all in high-tech style.

Bonus: They’re Fun!

There’s no denying it. Electric bikes are FUN to ride! Which is really the best reason there is to pick one up for yourself, hit the road, and join the revolution.

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