How to Choose the Right eBike for You


Ready to buy your very first electric bike? With a range of fantastic models to choose from, you may be wondering which option is going to best meet your needs and suit your lifestyle. Here are 5 things to consider…

1. Purpose

First things first. What will you primarily be using your eBike for? Will you be riding through the inner city into work and back each day? Around the suburbs on errands, or while biking with the kids to school? Or will your electric cycle be more for leisure time, and cruising around the gorgeous NZ landscape by road?

Consider your electric bike’s key purpose, and then check out which model is going to best meet that need.

2. Distance

The second most important thing to consider is, how far will you be travelling? Will you be making shorter trips to meet friends for lunch, or longer commutes from the suburbs to the city for work?

Will you be looking to ride electric for the full distance of those journeys, or are you happy to use pedal assist mode to conserve your eBike’s energy and get you further between each recharge?

3. Fitness

Okay folks, we’re all friends here… how fit are you, really? Are you a weekend warrior who’s used to cycling long distances without so much as breaking a sweat? Or is the mere thought of hopping on a traditional bike enough to make your knees wobble and your hamstrings ache?

The great thing about electric bikes is that they’re suitable for people of all fitness levels and abilities! Understanding how much physical effort you’ll want to put in yourself, and how much help you’ll want from your eBike, can help determine which model is going to be just right for your requirements.

4. Dismount

If you’re looking for a super-fast dismount, of you’re not as limber as you used to be, there are a number of electric cycle models that are perfect for you! An eBike with a step-through frame can be the perfect option for older cyclists, or anyone who struggles to mount and dismount a crossbar bike.

Using your eBike for deliveries? A step-through frame makes dismounts quick and easy – which makes them ideal for bike couriers or messengers.

5. Compact

Need a bike that’s super lightweight and compact? What about an electric bike that can literally be folded in half for easy storage at home or work? Yup – folding eBikes really do exist, and they’re ideal for apartment dwellers and city commuters!

If you’re short on space at home or you’d rather keep your electric bike stowed safely behind your desk than in the foyer at work, consider adding a folding eBike model to your shopping cart.


Have a good idea of the type of eBike you’re looking for?! Browse our range of high quality and affordable electric cycles now!

luke ambrose