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Black Sheep Trading the best locally owned and operated E-bike and E-scooter retailer based in Christchurch and shipping Nationwide

Looking to streamline your commute? Arrive at work fresher? Enjoy more of the great outdoors? Dare to ride different with our cutting edge selection of Electric Bikes, Electric scooters from New Zealand’s leading Electric Goods Retailer.

Proudly Christchurch-owned and operated, Black Sheep Trading is the leading retailer of technologically advanced e-bikes and scooters in NZ. Also offering a fantastic selection of high quality and competitively priced eBikes and electric Scooters, suitable for riders of all ages and abilities.

All of our Electric Bikes and scooters come with a limited warranty. We are NZ’s trusted Electric Bike Retailer.

Our Electric Bikes & Scooters are fully motorised to offer multiple riding options. For Electric Bikes you can choose full motor power (where no peddling is required), assisted riding (which combines motor and pedal power), or you can ride your eBike using only pedal power as you would a traditional bicycle.

You can expect to ride around 35km on a fully charged battery when you choose full motor power. That’s the equivalent of biking from Christchurch’s RE:Start Mall in the CBD to Burnham Military Camp without so much as breaking a sweat!

Combining your own pedal power throughout your journey will help to get you further (around 60km) with assisted riding. You can choose full pedal power on days you wish you ride your eBike as you would a traditional bicycle, or after your battery has been spent on particularly long journeys.

Trust Black Sheep Trading, New Zealand’s trusted Electric Bike Retailer.

Combining the latest technology and slick design with an easy and enjoyable riding experience, Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters are now the fastest-growing sector of the Electric goods industry worldwide. Why wouldn’t you want to ride one?!

Electric Bikes & Scooters offer a fantastic transport solution for people of all ages and fitness levels looking for a fast, simple and FUN way to get from A to B.

Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters in NZ are perfect for…

  • Commuters who want to avoid the gridlock and arrive at work feeling fresh and energized
  • Leisure cyclists who enjoy seeing the city and countryside by bike, while using less energy
  • Kids and teens who love the latest gadgets and technology and are looking for a fast and safe way to get to school
  • Older enthusiasts who want to continue enjoying their passion for cycling without the need to slow down
  • Cyclists in New Zealand’s hilly suburbs who would like an extra boost climbing steeper terrain

Contact us with your questions about which electric bike or scooter is right for you.

Our team have extensive knowledge of the electronics industry and our wide range of quality products, and is more than happy to offer advice on the best products to meet your requirements. Shop now for electric scooters for adults and electric scooters for kids, the best electric bikes, e-bikes for motocross, and motorized off-road skateboards.

Viewings and test rides are available. We also offer recommendations for electric scooters . Contact the Black Sheep team now for more information.