Sonic 2000w 52v Electric Scooter

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This 2000w scooter is a high performance dual motor drive, dual suspension e-scooter that brings off-road performance into the urban environment.

These scooters are the from the same factory as the ZERO ELECTRIC SCOOTER brand, (plenty of reviews online for zero scooter) We source our products direct avoiding paying agents which means we can keep our pricing competitive

This e-scooter is able to hit a top speed of up to 65 km/h and has a range of up to 50 km in a single charge. With its 10 inch tires and front and rear spring hydraulic suspension that allows this scooter to easily handle the bumpiest of roads.

Its performance outranks all other electric scooters in its price range, making the this electric scooter great value for money alternative to other high performance e-scooters like the Dualtron or the Inokim.

The Dual hub motors on this scooter mean a peak power output of 3200W. This 3200W power output is powered by 2 x 25A speed controllers with massive heat sinks to dissipate heat as quickly as possible, maintaining optimal performance of the e-scooter at all times.

The first thing you will notice are the striking suspension arms connecting the wheels to the body. These suspension arms are propped up by 2 spring absorbers for added comfort.

Then comes the delight of realising that both wheels have hub motors in them. Switchable between a single drive and a dual motor drive, the SONIC 2000 allows the rider to switch between 2 modes: the ECO mode and the TURBO mode.

The SONIC 2000 has the ability to take 2 chargers at the same time to half the charge time. These are available on our Scooter Parts page.

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Product Description

Dual brushless 2000w Motor (1000w x 2)
52v 18.2 AH Lithium Ion Battery
Max load 130kg
10 Inch tyres
Disc Brakes
Up to 65kmh
Range up to 30-50km
6-7 Hours Charge time
3 speed system
Forged aluminium frame


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