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The perfect balance of power, stability, and long range in a relatively compact package, the Weped SS has finally arrived!  Produced in low batches and assembled by hand, the Weped SS is the pinnacle of quality!

The SST has a toned down acceleration curve on the throttle so it is a bit more tame at lower speeds than the SSR.  The SSR will be full race mode all the time.  The front garnish lights are additional and don’t come stock with the scooters.


Please note the front LED lights are an extra add on and are not included

BATTERY: SAMSUNG SDI 21700 – 50E 20S 9P = 72v 45A, Full Charging Voltage 84V
FAST CHARGING: 84V 15A, 0-100% About 3 Hour
PERFORMANCE: Max Speed GPS: About 130km/h. DISTANCE: About 120km (40-50km/h Speed Cruise Riding)·
WEPED HYDRAULIC BRAKES:WEPED hydraulic brakes are comparable to the famous MTB hydraulic brakes. There is no oil leakage or balance even after long-term use.
SUSPENSION: (Patent Registration Completed) W4LDPS (WEPED 4 Link DamPing System) High Speed Type Front Suspension.
Wheels & Tires (Shrinko Tires) WEPED patented detachable wheel that never leaks with patented technology that is completely enclosed and vacuum. Excellent maintenance, light and strong.
WEPED Original Kart Racing Tires 11inch Tubeless tires, Excellent grip with natural rubber and improved grip with high speed and sudden stop. Thick, soft natural rubber and tight nylon pads provide excellent straightness.

MOTOR System:

  • Active-Motor Qintrol
  • High Torque is Actively Controlled – without gradual because it is difficult to control the Front Motor
  • (The Front and Rear Motors move at different currents and speeds)


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