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The Vsett 8 Plus provides a perfect commuter-scooter package for the budget-conscious, and anyone who values a compact and lightweight design that still packs a punch.

Featuring the class-leading improvements in safety and security found across the Vsett range, the V8+ boasts indicators, electronic tag security, and even LED daytime running lights.

With low-maintenance and dependable drum braking front and rear, front and rear solid tyre for puncture-proof riding, the buzzword for this scooter is ‘easy’. Easy to ride, easy to own. The folding mechanism alone is worthy of an award, being crisp, solid, and so so easy to use, and with the folding handlebars and telescopic stem, you can make this scooter teeny tiny to pack in the tightest of places and spaces.

A zippy scooter to ride, with a torquey, twin motors to power up those hills and a top speed around 35kmh.

Sold in New Zealand with the 16Ah LG battery option, there is plenty of juice for those commutes.

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