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Most electric dirt bikes in the past lack the torque that really make gas powered dirt bikes fun but those days are over imagine having all the power and torque of a gas powered dirt bike without all the maintenance and up keep cost.


The Time Electric dirt bike is an electric dirt bike designed to lead innovation in this industry.  And that is why it’s packed with the best features you can expect.

The first thing you will notice is its overall design. The bike takes on a shape that will attract onlookers from a distance. You can already tell it wants to take on the challenge.

And when you move to the tires, everything begins to make more sense. The 21’inch front and 18 inches rear tires offer the most traction.

The bike uses the latest technology in shock absorbers. From the steel frame material for these shocks, it promises great power and control.

Timemoto promises a peak power of 12KW, with a close to 80v voltage. You will find no other bike that stands out from the rest as this one.

And when you are at the highest speed and want to stop, the hydraulic disc brakes will give instant action. The large, well-curved tires and the aluminum alloy handlebars will settle you down no matter the terrain.

The fastest dirt bike with the most fun

It was hard finding an electric dirt bike with the torque that made gas-powered ones more fun. Now you can put those days behind, thanks to Timemoto.

Speed is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a dirt bike.

The bike is designed using the latest features. It comes with a strong motor power that can deliver up to 12000w.

The Time electric dirt bike has a 4-gear manual transmission and a DC permanent magnet synchronous motor. These features ensure more power to deliver the highest speed in electric dirt bikes.

It has a top speed of more than 100 km h with a range of up to 120km . You can ride for several hours without the need to recharge.


Frame Steel
Fork Hydraulic adjustable suspension
Stem CNC aluminum
Handlebar Aluminum
Brake Aluminum hydraulic disc brake
Peak power 12kw
Gears 4
Sprocket CNC aluminum, F: 12T,  R: 42T
Chain 520 chain
Motor DC magnet synchronous motor 72Vx3000W
Motor rotation 3000 – 6000 rpm
Motor efficiency 90%
Motor output torque Axle torque: 400 n.m, R: 1200 n.m
Display Digital LCD display
Battery 72V x 36Ah polymer lithium battery
Battery life 1500 times charge & discharge
Controller Aluminum 6065, Sine conversion APT72400- 400amp
Hub Aluminum, F: 21G x 1.60, R: 18G x 2.10
Tyre CST Offroad, F:80-100/21, R:110-100/18
Seat Comfortable waterproof
Original gear ratio 2:01
Acceleration ratio 3.27:1, 1.94:1, 1.35:1, 1.04:1
Start method Smart remote auto start
Headlight Bright LED headlight
Max speed 120 km/h
N.W. 100 kgs
Size 200x80x97/86 cm


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