Sur Ron Long Rear Fender (Lingoi Racing)

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For Sur Ron Light Bee X

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Powerful. When we ride on hills and soil, the original mini fender is not satisfactory, because it is too small to block most mud, especially during and after rainy days. Therefore, we developed a more helpful product "Longer Rear Fender".
Arm-Sized. As shown in the dimension drawing and comparison drawing on the left, LingQi modified extended rear fender is almost twice as long as the original fender.The extension of length helps to block mud and dust.
High-quality . Under the heating of 356 degrees Fahrenheit, 100% brand-new PP particles are melted and squeezed into the ferroalloy mold under the pressure of 50 Bar. The plastic atoms in the rear fender are tightly locked together without any air bubbles.
Convenient Installation. It needs to be installed between the seat cushion and the frame without fastening the hook like the original one. But don't worry that it will loosen. After tightening the screws, the iron sheet will connect them perfectly.

380mm long


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