Maxi Grip SG1 – MX / Off-Road sur ron tyre

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Maxi Grip SG1 – MX / Off-Road sur ron tyre

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NZ DESIGNED for NZ CONDITIONS. The new Maxi Grip SG1 is here! The best-performing, best-value knobby tyre on the market.


Designed for prevailing NZ conditions which tend to be ‘soft-to-medium’ terrain.
Rubber compound is firmer than usual—this helps maintain the tyres’ knob edges, gives longer life, minimises tread wander and delivers stability at speed.
Knob depth is generous—as much as 1.5mm deeper than the current competition.
Knob spacing around the tyre is maximised to give the rider a ‘bigger bite’, improved traction and lateral steerage on the front.
Shoulder knobs feature tie-bar support for improved cornering stability and durability.
Paddle shaped centre knobs on rear increase traction under acceleration and stability when braking.
Lightweight for optimised performance.
Motocross and Enduro sizes.
Super competitive pricing!


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