ETook Electric Scooter Lock ET590

Item #ETOOK590


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  • (THEFT-PROOF DESIGN )-The lock cylinder with advanced Switzerland technology, the thickness of the key is only 0.3-0.6 mm, which avoid the key copied effectively ,Hard special steel material with heat treatment, strong and high toughness, no chance for being thumped, sawed, sheared and drilled.
  • (ULTRA STRONG CONNECTION)-Using innovative connecting method, durable 5mm hard special steel alloy bars, ultra-protected rivets ,less than 0.2mm gap between connecting points, it’s TWICE stronger than ordinary locks.
  • (THE UTILITARIAN FUCTIONALITY)-Protect what you value ! By choosing our sophisticated bike lock you are securing your values with leading materials and technology for improved peace of mind. Ideal for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes , kids bikes and scooters too.
  • (CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE AND CARRY)-suitable for all abilities to install and operate, The lock bracket use the classic ETOOK side pulling design, we have won the patent for this unique and special way to take out the lock very fast from one side.
  • (BIKE’S FRAME PROTECTION)-Using Paintwork-Safe Plastic Casing ,your bile is an elegant of engineering ,it deserves better than being tethered to a clumsy lock that roughly chips away at the paintwork ,our ETOOK Folding locks feature an friendly soft plastic coating to keep your bike unharmed and pristine .


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