Double Bell Tan M4SS Tactical Rifle Gel Blaster


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The Double Bell Value Line does it again with the M4SS gel blaster – one of the best gel blasters on the market! With its solid nylon construction and metal V2 gearbox, this blaster is perfect for beginners and veterans alike.

Its powerful shooting ability of up to 350 feet per second coupled with an inbuilt hop up ensures accuracy and precision with every shot. Don’t miss out on this amazing value – get your hands on the Double Bell M4SS gel blaster today!

Full Nylon & Metal Construction
11.1v Battery (Short Length)
Inbuilt Aluminium Hop Up
Nylon Magazine
Nylon Buttstock
Metal V2 Gearbox
Solid Weight
Firing Power
320-350+ Feet Per Second (FPS)


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