ARI – Sur Ron, E-scooter Electric Pump

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ARI – Sur Ron, E-scooter Electric Pump

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ARI Concepts Electric Air Pump provides a portable and convenient way to inflate your tires for your car, motorcycle or bicycle as well as balls and other inflatable items. Powered by a rechargeable 2000mA LION Battery this powerful air pump can inflate up to 10.3 Bar (150 psi) using one of the included nozzle attachments.

Powerful Lion Battery Pack
Accurate to +/- 2psi
0.2-10.3 Bar (3-150 psi) pressure range
80db operating noise
80mm air tube with Schrader fitting and Presta adapter
Inflation needle and valve for balls and sports equipment included
USB charger output
USB to USB C input for charging from any USB port. 3 hour charge time
Torch function for night operation


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