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Scooters have become one of the most effective means of transport. But it takes a lot to bring out the best technology and innovation. And that is what Black Sheep Trading Ltd is all about. We are dedicated to assuring the most convenient solutions for scooter lovers. And now, we are introducing Sonic 10+, a new scooter with monster energy. If you have ridden our 2000W high-performance Sonic electric scooter, the 10+ steps up the game. From the same powerhouse of the ZERO ELECTRIC SCOOTER, the Sonic 10+ is a next-gen electric scooter with the best performance. It comes from the same company that created the VSETT ELECTRIC SCOOTERS that have become popular also.
  • This is a high-performance scooter designed to benchmark the highest technology yet. It promises a wide range of innovative features and power.
  • A maximum speed of 80km/h. This is more speed than you can get in any other scooter. It’s echoed by a range of 95km and a weight of 36kg.
  • 60V for 4.2kw peak power. Sonic 10+ is on another level of power. It allows you to maneuver in heavy traffic at great speeds and power. It gives the users some feeling of invincibility.
  • The scooter features a frame designed for more stability and agility. This is one feature that improves its performance, making it a perfect piece for your everyday use.
  • The Sonic 10+ comes with a new folding mechanism that is both convenient and secure. It has a failsafe latch that increases performance and safety. This also means the scooter is easy to transport.
  • A new thermal protection circuitry on the dual 35 amp controllers brings in another aspect of high-end usability. 
  • It’s the ride experience that makes it all worth the trouble. The Sonic 10+ goes beyond its design and parts. It’s fast, handy, and exceedingly stable. This scooter can easily be your king of speed.
  • The first feature you will notice is the top-notch design. The brand has gone a long way in ensuring customers get the best. You should notice how the suspension arms effectively connect the wheels to the body. They come with strong spring absorbers that assure maximum comfort. The coil-spring suspension at the front and rear assures a comfortable ride even in rougher terrain.
  • The wheels are thick and with hub motors. This ensures more stability and a feeling of power in different riding conditions. It has the ECO mode and the Turbo mode for improved performance. A rider can enjoy both options based on their preferences.
The Sonic 10+ scooter can take a second charger. Riders can use the 60V 3-pin charger for faster charging. You can trust its quality and performance, just like any other scooter.


  •         Maximum Speed – 80km/h
  •         Range – 95km(Claimed)
  •         Est. Range – 50-60km
  •         Weight -36Kg
  •         Peak power – 4200w
  •         Motor – 2 motors each with 1400w (nominal)
  •         Battery power – 60V 28Ah, 60v 25Ah
  •         Charging time – up to 12 hours
  •         Suspension – Front coil spring and rear coil-spring
  •         Brakes – Disk, Hydraulic e-brake both front and rear
  •         Tire and wheel size – 10”/3”/. Wide road pneumatic tires
  •         Lights – brake, turn, front LED, and Rear LED
  •         Maximum Load – 120Kg
  • Size after folding – 128 by 28 by 55 cm


We offer Electric products from trusted, world-leading manufacturers, so you can rest assured all products offered by Black Sheep have been tested and certified.  All goods purchased from Black Sheep Trading Ltd are covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties cover manufacturing faults and defects. They do not cover damage caused by crashing, abuse, or general wear and tear. Warranty periods:
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These Scooters are capable of reaching very high speeds, Black Sheep Trading strongly recommend the use of high quality protective gear and clothing. Black Sheep Trading recommends checking your scooter before and after every ride for any looseness, wear and tear, cracks or any other issues and frequently tightening nuts and bolts. We can assist with checks to ensure that the scooter is at its best before being ridden. Black Sheep Trading will not be held responsible for any injury or accidents caused on these products. If you feel there is something not quite right with your scooter, Do not ride it until it has been carefully checked over. Please make yourself familiar with the laws and regulations around the products we are selling.


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Scooters come boxed and assembled, Bikes are sent boxed and part-assembled. Bikes require some minor assembly which includes fitting the front wheel, handle bars, rear rack and basket. Scooters and Bikes come with a small tool kit. Bikes also come with a free pump.

Scooters and Bikes need a full charge before the maiden voyage.

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